Over the past few months I have been finding myself questioning decisions I have made over the past few years as it relates to which way to go; Modern versus Classic reels. When I first got into fly fishing I was drawn to the "latest and greatest" and the "flashier" the better. Over the past few months though I have found myself drawn to Classic and classic style reels. I know we could debate pros and cons all day long, however, there is something to be said of the sound and feel of a classic Hardy Perfect Reel. I have been finding myself more drawn to and have aquired more Perfects for both single hand and two haded rods. Is it a fad or is it just the "purist" of heart that draws you back to whence the sport came.

I have had the pleasure of owning some of the best reels on the market. Saracione, Loop Classic, Hatch , Islander LX, Tibor to name a few. while these are some of the best craftsmanship money can buy I still am drawn back to the Perfect's! That was until I discoverd Peerless Reels.

I had an opportunity most recently to acquire an experienced Peerless 3. Upon receipt, aside from the beautiful classic look the next thing I noticed was the incredible lightness of the reel. This reel I believe is said to be a 7-8 wt reel. I acquired the reel for a two handed light Spey, 11'7" Meiser Classic Rod. The capacity is definately within its realm. I received the reel as LHW and was unsure of how to change the direction to RHW. A quick email to the company had an answer and instructions with an email attachment the same night. While the switching is not something you would want to do on the river bank, it is a simple process. The reel tolerances are exceptional and the craftsmanship would rivel any reel I have encountered to date. Another very pleasing feature is the sound the reel makes. If you like a good loud click and pawl, you will love this reel! I am looking forward to aquiring the 4A Spey Model.
If a solid drag is what you're after there is also larger models with Vom Hofe style drag systems.

Be sure to check out the Peerless site. http://peerlessreel.com/index.htm