Been a while since I have blogged.
I had the pleasure of spending 10 days in sunny Hawaii this August with my Daughter Madison. The purpose of the trip was my daughter's soccer tournament, however, there is always time for a fishing trip. In anticipation of this trip I booked a trip with Louie the Fish Guide Service.
Our guide picked us up from our Hotel at 6:30 am and we were on our way to the flats. The plan was for me to fly fish in the morning and for my daughter to try spin fishing for Bones in the afternoon. Within 5 minutes of our guide poling us through the flats, I got into my first fish. As quick as it was on, it was off. I made the rookie mistake of setting the hook. I have heard that the speed of these fish is incredible but until you have felt one on the end of a line, there is no describing. In the flash of an eye my 15 lb leader was snapped.
We continued on the flat with several fish following my presentation but would just not commit. We fished hard for the next several hours with a few more takes but nothing to the boat. After a grueling day of casting, my recently repaired shoulder had had enough. We then headed in land once again where my daughter would try her hand at spin casting for these elusive fish. It only took about 15 minutes before we got to witness the bucking of her rod and got to marvel in the fight. After several runs she was able to get this fish to hand. Initially I had the feeling of envy watching my daughter land the only fish of the day but it was quickly overcome with a feeling of such pride.
This was a fishing trip of a life time and one I would highly recommend to anyone. Be sure to check out the website <> Joaquin is an amazing and personable guide. He can get you on the fish, the rest is up to you!