Over the years I have often seen many rod stands or holders. Why have there never been tube stands or racks? While it is great to have a beautiful stand or rack to display your tools of the trade but where do all those tubes go? Well if you are like me, you just lean them up in a corner of a closet ony to trip over them or watch them fall any time you go into said closet.
In addition, the rod tubes nowadays are not only functional but also pleasing to the eyes. It would be a shame to let this display factor go to waste wouldn't it? Besides if you are as "particular" as I am with my fishing equipment, you might want to leave your rods in their socks and cases so as to avoid that dreaded "oops" you might hear from one of your children. Even worse could be your pooch deciding that his or her chew toys just don't match up to the chewing quality of a Burkheimer Rod. As such I have come up with a practical and inexpensive solution. I designed a stand that would hold both larger spey rods as well as single hand rod tubes. While the attached photo is a prototype, it serves its purpose excellently. This particular one is made out of furniture grade pine and left raw. I plan to experiment with other woods and stains as well.
I have shown this to a few buddies of mine and they feel as I do that it serves a very valuable function.
I plan to make a few different styles, such as a triangle model that will sit in a corner. In addition, I plan to make one that can also be mounted to a wall.

If you think this might be of interest to you, feel free to contact me via the contact us function and I can get one made for you. Each of the stands will be custom made to order so if you have a specific size or style please be sure to let me know.