Made our annual trip up to Salmon Lake with the family. First night was a bit breezy but still headed out for an evening fish with my daughter. So wanted her to get into some fish. years past shrimp seemed to be the ticket but this year, they worked sparingly. First night caught a few fish then went to the black leech. My daughter landed her first fish of the weekend. I don't know what I was more proud of, her catching the fish or her saying " Dad can we stay out just a little longer?"

Day two saw more wind and had to work a little harder for the fish we caught. Chironomids were just not on! Did manage a few on shrimp in the shallows. I love catching fish in less than 3 feet of water.

The next day we saw the heat turn up and the chironomid fishing got pretty good! Quanty was good but no monsters. Still feel pretty good on 3 and 4 wt rods!

Sunday saw the weather get pretty nasty but still managed a few more fish. The highlight was seeing my daughter land a few of my fish on Chironomids (black and red snow cones) but her casting and working her own and catching and landing her first on her own was pretty special. Not a monster but all on her own. I think the smiles say it all!

Over the past few years we have had better fishing but this year spending a little more fishing time with my daughter was pretty special!