A great day on the Vedder. Managed first fish of the season on the Burkheimer and Hardy Perfect Combination. This just further confirms why the "Perfects" can be immitated but not duplicated.

Been a long time since I have posted a report. Probably because I have become a full convert to the "two handed" way of fishing. Well this is how I am going to remember it...Not just the fact that my hook-up average stinks this year.

This morning I had the opportunity to get out to the river for first light. I arrived at 6:30am at my desired location only to find 3 trucks already in the parking lot. I guess early means before daylight? I think I am starting to get old....I get the spey rod out, line it up and head down to the river. To my surprise there are 4 people working the run I wanted to fish but much further down. I start at the head of the run, cast, step, swing, wash, rinse, repeat...I notice a few of the guys were moving on and I was able to work my way down the run. I have a friendly chat with a fellow accross the river as I am in the middle of my swing. He says "pretty slow" just then I get a take...and of course I miss it! as I tell him what just happened I make another cast to the same location. The fly is swinging through the same spot as I had the take when Wham! a solid take this time and the fish runs accross the top of the water trying to free herself. The sound of the Hardy Perfect singing her sweet song to my ears. After a couple of spirited runs I was able to get this prettly little doe to cooperate for a couple of pictures and sent her on her way. Not a Monster but a pretty fish nonetheless.